Tyler Short blinds Gif: Gizmodo

Here’s the thing about the sun: It changes position in the sky. So, why, oh why, do we use static objects — blinds — to shade ourselves from it?

That’s the question architecture student Tyler Short asked himself before coming up with a solution: Create a system of blinds that rotate not just side to side, but also swing up and down.

Short explains his revolutionary concept thusly:

Our solution was a series of vertical shading louvers that can independently pivot to maximize solar protection, and when the sun reaches an altitude, in which vertical louvers would be ineffective, completely rotate upwards to act as a horizontal shading element and light shelf.

The result is a mesmerizing ballet of shading that we’d like to see adorn all sun-kissed facades. Possible? Absolutely. The designer says all the mechanical components and gear ratios have been “fully resolved.”

Your move, blind manufacturers.

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