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A blank canvas can be quite intimidating and moving into a new condo is no different. For buyers who need a little leg-up when it comes to figuring out how to make a space their own, Johnson Chou was on hand at the 383 Sorauren sales centre to offer his expert design advice.

The ten-storey condo in Roncevalles Village is the brainchild of Gairloch and Centrestone Urban Developments Inc. and, apart from the impressive exterior by Peter Clewes of architectsAlliance, the interiors will feature modern kitchens with sleek Corian kitchen countertops, a stainless steel backsplash, a frameless glass shower in the main bathrooms and plenty of other contemporary features.

Johnson Chou described his efforts on the building’s interiors, blending together touches that nod to the area’s industrial past and its current status as a creative centre. A fan of the neighbourhood, Chou even owned an art gallery in the area.

If there was one lesson to be learned from the event it was that each space deserves a personal narrative. When you’re working out how to furnish your home or figure out where to place your artwork, keep in mind that it should all reflect who you are. While many condos are well-suited to the minimalist look, Chou pointed out that even these spaces need personal details.

Storage is also a key component of the suite life and Chou incorporated cabinetry wherever possible in his designs for the condo. He emphasized curation, pointing out that you should pick and choose what’s visible and not fill up each space with everything you have.

His advice? “Try to hide things as much as you can,” a sentiment that the crowd clearly enjoyed.

Imagination is also key. For example, if you’re looking for a way to organize boots and shoes in your foyer, look at what’s available on the market and try and think about how a piece can be used, as opposed to what it’s explicitly being sold for. In other words, a vertical IKEA shelf can be flipped, bolted to the wall and used to hold shoes.

Here are a few pictures from the well-attended event:

383 Sorauren

383 Sorauren Johnson Chou

Design 383 Sorauren

Johnson Chou 383 Sorauren

Johnson Chou 383 Sorauren  Suites start from $299,990.

For more information contact 416 588 0383 or info@383sorauren.com.

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