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Photos: StreetEasy

Designer Graham Hill is saying goodbye to his famously tiny, transforming apartment in New York City. For $995,000 you can own the 420-square-foot home that’s been featured in the New York Times, CNN, NPR, and of course, BuzzBuzzHome News.

With moving walls, dual-purpose furniture, a fold-out office, secret guest bunk bed and dozens of other space-saving furnishings, the Soho studio boasts a total of eight functional living spaces. So when you think about it, the sub-$1 million price tag really isn’t too bad of a deal.

You also get an incredible Lower Manhattan location, which, according to the StreetEasy listing, “overlooks a charming street that retains many characteristics of Soho’s storied past.”

Go ahead, homebuyer. Buy the future of urban living, today.

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