dyson cool fans Photo: Dyson

Dyson, the British company most famous for a line of vacuum cleaners, has unveiled its latest innovation: a bladeless fan that’s 75 per cent quieter than conventional air coolers.

The technology firm spent three years and $67 million perfecting the product. The Dyson Cool fans use an innovation called a Helmholtz cavity, which quiets many of the sound waves caused by fans. As The Daily Mail explains:

The engineers identified which tone was the most irritating to the human ear, which is equivalent to a mosquito’s beating wind, and have managed to kill this. They have also smoothed the airflow through the fan, which reduces turbulence and so further reduces noise. The combined effect of the changes has also made the fans some 40 per cent more energy efficient, so reducing the running costs.

Still, the product doesn’t come cheap. Available in three sizes and three different colors, the fans retail between $300 and $450.

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