stop watch-2Photos/Illustrations: Tineke Meirink

Dutch artist Tineke Meirink’s Stop:watch series is a collection of adorable drawings over otherwise mundane photos of buildings, infrastructure, and other uninteresting items “such as litter and bird-droppings.”

As Meirink explains on her website, everyday landscapes are “just more fun when you take a closer look.” So, much like how one sees imagery in clouds, an apartment rooftop evokes a crop-wielding horse jockey, while building vents resemble a pair of gangly legs.

It’s a lovely series. Here are our favorites:

stop watch-1stop watch-3stop watch-4stop watch-5stop watch-6

Click here to see the rest, or better yet, purchase one of Meirink’s playful prints here. The series has also been immortalized in game-form. Work on your memorization skills with the Can You See What I See Memory Game.

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