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Last week a GTA family returned to their house to discover it had been trashed with many electronic devices missing. Assuming they had been burgled, they quickly called the police.

Chances are you’ve heard how this story ends by now. The family calls 9-1-1 only to be told it was, in fact, the police who raided the home and removed all the family’s electronic devices.

As The Star reports, the family was caught up in a crime ring that Toronto police busted this week. The police entered the house lawfully, executing a search warrant they obtained for the home. Unfortunately for the family, it was the home’s previous owner’s son whose name was on the warrant.

Does the plot of this story sound familiar? If you’ve been watching any amount of TV lately, it should. The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) has been running a commercial around the clock that acts as a cautionary tale for homebuyers foolhardy enough to go without a Realtor when buying a home.

See if you can spot any similarities:

The unlucky family moved into their Markham home in May 2013, so it’s not exactly new, but the confusion with the Toronto police reportedly arose from the previous owner not changing his address, which is a uniquely new home problem.

While we’re not sure if the family used a Realtor, the timing of the CREA commercial now appears weirdly prophetic.

We do hope the family gets things sorted out quickly though!

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