If you’re a fan of architecture, development or scale buildings models, than Vancouver’s Gesamtkunstwerk pop-up art show is for you.

The-Exhibit-That-Cannot-Be-Pronounced takes visitors through each step of the design process of Westbank’s Vancouver House, the 52-storey, top-heavy tower by renowned Danish architect Bjarke Ingels.

On display at Gesamtkunstwerk — which, by the way, is a German term that means “total design” — are building models, renderings, videos, and audio commentary by exhibition curator and architecture expert Trevor Boddy.

Gwerk edit-1 Gwerk edit-2 Gwerk edit-7 Gwerk edit-4

Interestingly, a number of the Vancouver House scale models incorporate the Granville Bridge greenway, a pedestrian and cycling route that has yet to be approved by the City of Vancouver.

Gwerk edit-5 Gwerk edit-6

When completed, Vancouver House will be the fourth-tallest building in the city — promising to dramatically reshape the downtown skyline. Speaking to the Globe and Mail back in October, city councillor Raymond Louie described the project thusly:

“It is the first truly iconic building in our city that merits that description. The Shangri-La is a beautiful building, and so is our library, but this one certainly stands out in my mind. It’s unique in that it uses up that space.”

If you’d like to learn more, the exhibition runs until May 18th at 1460 Howe Street.

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