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Technology has given us the ability to travel across oceans in hours and easily connect with people halfway around the world. At home, there are countless gadgets that have turned former chores like cooking and cleaning into pleasant, leisurely activities.

Washing machines and dishwashers are commonplace, but here are 11 household gadgets that are so brilliant we’re betting that they’ll be in every home across North America soon enough…

1. Unevenly cut pizzas are a big turn-off for dinner guests. Get symmetrical with this laser-guided pizza cutter. laser guided pizza cutter

Photo: Think Geek

2. The Electrolux Scan Toaster can imprint information like a weather report onto slices of toast. Talk about information that’s easy to digest!

electrolux Photo: Gizmodo

3. This Samsung fridge has a built-in tablet with a calendar, baby monitor, weather app and Evernote. We bet your fridge only makes ice.

samsung t9000 Photo: Samsung

4. The vertical kitchen has a fridge, oven, induction cooktop, an herb garden and espresso maker all in one (relatively) simple column. No tablet though…

Video: Dwell/Vine

5. Truly cutting edge tech companies are all about unexpected product combinations. Take Intel’s coffee mug-baby-monitor combo for example.

coffee mug baby monitor Photo: Intel

6. You’ll enjoy the Kolibree Smart Toothbrush’s gentle bristles and real-time reporting on the areas of your mouth you should be giving extra attention.

smart toothbrush app Photo: Kolibree

7. Whether you’re a frequent re-arranger or just trying to appear Incredible Hulk-strong, this super light wooden table is a design marvel.

lightest-wooden-table-1 Photo: Olga Holzschuh

8. The easy corn “de-cobber” is a summertime must.

corn decobber
Photo: Coolest Gadgets

9. Tired of heavy, over-sized juice and soda containers? Never spill again with the Roll N’ Pour.

Photo: Cutie Gadget

10. AquaNotes because why not?

Photo: My Aqua Notes

11. The “Earlarm” promises to rouse you and only you.

earlarm resized
Photo: Reddot

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