Toronto has been experiencing the wintriest winter in recent memory. The ice storm packed a wallop in December, January had its Polar Vortex and the snow keeps on piling up.

Whether or not you think the white stuff has turned the city into a wonderland, you have to give some credit to the Instagram photographers out there. We’ve rounded up our 7 favourite perspectives of this week’s snowstorm.


snow instagram

Photo: joshuatelfer/Instagram

Bell Trinity Square, looking cold and quiet.

Instagram Toronto Snow

Photo: kanchanm/Instagram

A somber-looking city hall.

Snow High Park

Photo: belgogirl/Instagram

This dog is currently the only creature in the city that doesn’t mind the winter.

Snow Instagram

Photo: shannrudy/Instagram

The skyline is almost gone.

toronto snow

Photo: ilanazadikov/Instagram 

A downtown courtyard gets a little Arctic.

toronto snow

Photo: mimacora/Instagram

The Gardiner Expressway and a series of construction cranes.

Snow storm Toronto
Photo: pardisno/Instagram 

At least the trees look pretty!

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