We promise not to make some obvious and hackneyed proclamation like, ‘these homes are out of this world!’ Oh, whoops. Guess we just did.

Rising Sun Trail, California

Spaceship house Photo: maveric2003/Flickr

This overhanging structure, located just outside Los Angeles, looks like it would be comfortable on the set of a 1980s sci-fi film.

Solar house, France

Heliodome Photo: Heliodome

Kidnapped and probed from our eight weird, yet strangely welcoming homes series, France’s Heliodome is a solar house whose shape is based on the sun’s daily and annual cycles. During the winter months, the home captures sunlight and warms the interior. In the summer, it provides shade and keeps the inside temperature cool.

Futuro, found around the world

Futuro Photo: Pete Zarria/Flickr

Futuro-1 Photo: lwsdm/Flickr

spaceship houses Photo: Innisfree Hotels/Flickr

A product of post-war Finland, the Futuro was a prefabricated home designed for quick construction on almost any terrain. Fewer than 100 were built and sold during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Inevitably, the project was abandoned altogether as too often Futuro neighbors and local officials would decry the overly conspicuous design.

Ufogel, Austria

Ufogel Ufogel-2 Ufogel-3 SONY DSC Photos: Ufogel

Just outside Lienz, Austria is small cabin known as Ufogel, a name that combines UFO and the German word “vogel” for bird. The cozy wooden structure sits on stilts and measures 485 square feet.

Classic spaceship dwelling, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico ufo house Photo: YouTube

Roberto Rivera’s spaceship house is outfitted with pulsating exterior lights and audio effects inspired by the theme music from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

UFO House, Qatar

UFO House Doha Photo: Doha Sam/Flickr

The internet is rife with rumors that this unfinished spaceship villa in Doha, Qatar was being built for Sheikh Saud of the ruling al-Thani family. We can’t speak to its owner, but we do know that it did indeed exist.

Flying Saucer House, Signal Mountain, Tennessee

ufo house Photo: VinceFL/Flickr

To gain entry into this martian maison visitors climb a set of retractable stairs taken from an airplane.

Naomi Campbell’s house, Russia

spaceship-house spaceship-house-1 Photos: Zaha Hadid Architects

Also from our weird home roundup, renowned Zaha Hadid Architects designed this mansion for ex-supermodel Naomi Campbell at the behest of her Russian billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin. As we noted previously, the home resembles one of the Galactic Empire’s dreaded Star Destroyers.

Abandoned pod village, Taiwan

ufo pod village ufo pod village-1 Photos: cypherone – Taiwan/Flickr

This UFO pod village is not inhabited by aliens or humans. Located in San Zhi, Taiwan, the project was being built as a luxury vacation retreat but had to be shelved following a number of fatal construction accidents.

Volcano House, Newberry Springs, California

Volcano house Photo: MojovaDesertArchives

Volcano house-1 Photos: Take Sunset

It’s called the volcano house because it sits atop a dormant volcano, obviously. As CNN Money explains, the conical dwelling enjoys panoramic views of the surrounding desert and was previously listed for $750,000.

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