Forward thinking designers and developers continue to find clever ways to do more with less space, making use of Murphy beds, expandable kitchen islands and the like. To celebrate this sort of space-saving ingenuity, we’ve compiled a list of especially outlandish home furnishings that were designed to serve many roles. Get into it.

Vertical kitchen

Video: Dwell/Vine

How can do you create more space in the kitchen? Stack everything vertically. Italian design firm Massimo Facchinetti knows that.

Flux chair

It starts out looking like a giant envelop, but after a couple of deft origami maneuvers, you have yourself a chair sturdy enough to support the weight of a vivacious young woman. Thanks, Flux Furniture.

Two-person office/dining table

table for twoPhotos: Daniel Liss

Designer Daniel Liss’ Table for Two is a bit of a misnomer. Yes, it’s a two-person work space complete with a divider for privacy, but when converted into its dining table-form it can seat up to six people. More here.

Fletcher Capstan Table

transforming tableGif: imgur

The Capstan Table by Fletcher Burwell-Taylor is a mesmerizing ballet of furniture metamorphosis.

Shape-shifting modular sofa

modular sofaPhotos: ScottJonesDesign

The Bloc’d Sofa, by Scott Jones, is comprised of a number of soft cubes, rectangles and L-shapes that can be arranged in a variety of ways inside their wooden frame. As we noted previously, customizing the couch is a lot like playing a game of Tetris.

Stove chair

stove chairGif: Vestal Design

The DoubleSpace kitchenette by Vestal Design is at once a dangerous fire hazard and totally awesome.

Two chairs in one

chair in a chairPhoto: Alberto Villarreal

Okay, so nothing really transforms here, but Alberto Villarreal’s unassuming white chair has the ability to store another chair inside it’s hollow core.

Two chairs that turn into one table

two chairs one tablePhotos: ClaudioSibille

Flip these two chairs on their sides and you have yourself a nice little table! Now, if only you had a couple of chairs to sit at it with…

Picture table

picture tablePhotos: IvyDesign

Every picture tells a story. This frame tells the story of space-saving convenience.

Ironing board mirror

mirror ironing boardPhoto: aissalogerot

The wrinkles may be out, but who knows if you’re pulling off that freshly pressed garment? This ironing board-mirror means you’ll never again have to walk two feet to the bathroom to find out.

Every wall, cupboard, drawer and piece of furniture in this apartment

Unless this is your first visit to BuzzBuzzHome News, you’re probably already familiar with designer Graham Hill’s eight-room, 420-square-foot studio apartment in New York. And yes, we realize this entry counts for far more than just one piece of transforming furniture — but we’re not counting. Deal with it.

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