Lots of exciting projects on the go across the Vancouver region. But which one was trending at the top in January? Scroll down to find out.

10. One Pacific by Concord Pacific


9. Remix by Adera Development

Remix north Vancouver condos

8. Modern by Amacon

Modern Vancouver west end condos-1

7. Solo District By Appia


6. The Rolston by Rize Alliance


5. Tate on Howe by Bonds Group

tate on howe vancouver condos

4. 188 Keefer by Westbank

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3. University District by Bosa Properties


2. Keefer Block by Solterra


1. Kensington Gardens by Westbank


Once again Kensington Gardens was the top trending development for the month. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the highly-anticipated project there is no better time to do so than this Saturday, February 8th when homes in the south tower go on sale. At the sales launch Westbank will be offering savings of up to $20,000 on all new homes. The event starts at 12pm at the Kensington Gardens presentation centre, located at 2220 Kingsway.

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