It’s always refreshing to see new projects embrace innovative heating and cooling systems. Not only are they better for the environment, but some technologies, such as the 4e2 system coming to On the GO Mimico, will even keep the lights on during a blackout.

The system by TRAK International uses geothermal heating and cooling combined with a cogeneration plant. While standard geothermal systems utilize the ground to store energy and then strategically recycle it when needed, the cogeneration plant goes even further, producing electricity and heat from a natural gas powered heat engine. The electricity and thermal energy is recirculated into the ground as an additional heat source for the geothermal system.

Another perk? In the event of a power grid failure, the system will supply On the GO Mimico with 100 per cent of the heating, cooling and energy needs of the building. No more throwing out the contents of your fridge after a heat wave’s power outage or shivering in the dark during winter storms.

Because the system can both reject or store energy as best suits the building, residents won’t have to worry about peak demand penalties or losing power if the grid is down. Aside from bringing down the overall energy consumption of the condo, it also translates into lower energy costs.

Smart energy features will be integrated into just about every element of the building. Even the underground parking garage and snow melt systems will use radiant heat from various forms of recaptured energy.

The combined heat and power building energy management systems will also be networked to power grid information and even feature internet based remote monitoring and control.

It’s just another element that proves how sustainable features are at the heart of On the GO Mimico. In fact, the condo’s namesake speaks to its commitment to sustainable transit. The project is after all directly connected to a GO Transit station, making car-free commuting into the core a breeze.

Residents will also be able to enjoy the quiet that comes from living by lakeside parks. Enjoy the bike trails and miles of pathways that, save for the skyline to the east, will make you feel like you’ve left the city far behind.

The 27-storey condo by Stanton Renaissance will be located at Royal York Road and Newcastle Street in the city’s west end.

Suites start from the mid $200,000s.

For more information contact info@onthegomimico.com or 647 692 8417.

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