At 128 stories, the nearly completed Shanghai Tower stands 2,073 feet tall (632 meters). It is the tallest building in China and second in the world behind only Dubai’s Burj Khalifa.

Without safety equipment or permission, Russian daredevils Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov decided to climb the twisting skyscraper and document their harrowing journey with a couple of GoPro cameras.

The pair eventually got so high that they literally rose above the clouds and were able to look down on the 1,614-foot tall Shanghai World Financial Centre and the 1,380-foot tall Jin Mao Tower.

So, what did Makhorov and Raskalov do after reaching the peak of the Shanghai Tower? They scaled the construction crane and added another 59 vertical feet to their climb, of course.

Shanghai Tower climbPhoto: Vitaliy Raskalov/Facebook

Raskalov says more pictures of the expedition are forthcoming to his Facebook page.

If you enjoy watching these types of stunts — inducing sweating palms and butterflies in your stomach — you will get a kick out of this madcap who likes to have his photo taken as he dangles from really tall buildings.

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