evolution door Photos: Klemens Torggler

Designed by Austria-based Klemens Torggler, the Evolution Door is two squares that cartwheel open or closed with just a flick of the wrist (full video here).

“The special construction makes it possible to move the door sideways without the use of tracks,” Klemens Torggler explains on its website. “This technical trick opens up new applications for the door.”

As PSFK reports, the designers created a number of rotating systems that achieve the unique effect, including:

…a system of rods, one with a wheel and a curved track within one of the squares, a system of triangles, a system of 8 panels, and a system with a screen.

Here’s a glass rendition of the design.

Worried about accidentally cutting off your fingers in between the two components? Stick with the first, soft-edge version of Evolution Door.

The only drawback with the design is, without a heavy door to slam shut, one would have to find another home furnishing with which to emote anger or frustration.

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