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A perfectly compostable building will rise, all natural-like, in New York this summer.

Hy-Fi, a three-tubed tower of organic and reflective bricks, will open at MoMA PS1 in Long Island City in late June. Designed by David Benjamin, the project will be a temporary outdoor installation providing shade, seating and water.

The biodegradable bricks, which will be arranged at the bottom, will consist of chopped-up, low-value corn stalks from local farms and specially formulated mycelium (mushroom root material) in molds. Meanwhile, the mirror film-coated reflective bricks at the top of the complex will bounce light down on the towers and the ground.

In a reversal of typical load-bearing brick construction, the organic brick buildings will be thin and porous at the foundation. This creates a cool micro-climate by sucking in cool air at the bottom and pushing out hot air at the top.

“It is the first sizable structure to claim near-zero carbon emissions in its construction process and, beyond recycling, it presents itself as being 100% compostable,” Pedro Gadanho, the curator of MoMA’s Department of Architecture and Design, said in a statement.

Video: Brooklyn Digital Foundry

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