It’s better to find out that you’re just not that into a house before you sign on the dotted line. But when you’re ready to commit, real estate law firm Feld Kalia can help make sure things go smoothly.

Every homebuyer has been through at least one major disappointment while on the house hunt. It starts when you see a listing that you know in your heart is too good to be real. While it may be photogenic, the facade begins to unravel (sometimes literally) when you show up for a viewing.

Here are 11 house hunting situations where you might find yourself saying, “You’re not the house I thought you were…”.

1. Your ex happens to live next door. And things didn’t exactly end amicably.

middle finger Photo: Twitter

2. The previous owner left a creepy doll behind… and you could have sworn it was in the living room a few hours ago.

creepy doll 2 Photos: RedFin

3. You find out the mountaintop villa plopped on top of the apartment building wasn’t built to code.

Photo: Shanghaiist

4. No one told you that you needed to power the house yourself.

workout house Photo: YouTube

5. The house has been inhabited only by dozens of six-toed cats for several decades.

love meow Photo: Love Meow

6. Whoever wrote the listing seemed to think “close to a major highway” was a selling point.

house in the middle of highway Photo: Youtube

7. Wait, is this a Bluth Company model home?

Arrested-development-model-home-falling-apart Photo: Fox

8. Removing all the “greenhouse” equipment from the basement would be too big a hassle.

greenhouse 1 Photo: Ottawa Police

9. The home starred in a TV show called American Horror Story: Murder House.

murder house 2 Photo: Murder House

10. You need to diet just to fit in the house.

keret house Photo: Keret House

11. Privacy turned out to be a bigger issue than you expected.

transparent-house Photo: Forgemind ArchiMedia/Flickr

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