In the past we’ve shared with you seven stunning showers and the best bathtub designs. Now we continue our bathroom decor series with a roundup of the top toilets.

Toilet on the 155th floor of the Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa toiles 155 floorPhoto: versionb/tumblr

A throne with a view. Hopefully it doesn’t make you so nervous that you have trouble doing the deed.

Toilet chair

toilet chairPhoto: gagful

This plush latrine is so unassuming, serious couch potatoes and video gamers may be tempted to install it in front of their TV sets. The question is: does it recline?


future toiletPhoto: YankoDesign

More than just a toilet, the All-In-One-Loo integrates the toilet bowl, sink, mirror and vanity table into one glorious bathroom fixture. Wash your hands before you flush and the environmentally-friendly throne will put your runoff water to good use.

Fur coat toilet

fur coat toiletPhotos: instructables

Yes, that is a toilet covered in mink fur. And yes, it is gross on a couple of levels.

Inflatable toilet covering

Inflatable toilet coveringPhoto: YankoDesign

The magazine rack beside the toilet suggests you’re going to be spending a considerable amount of time on the seat, so you might as well get comfortable.

Swash 1000 bidet toilet seat

Swash 1000 bidetPhoto: Brondell

This remote-controlled toilet has a built-in deodorizer so you don’t have to worry about keeping a pack of matches around when you’re entertaining guests. Also, the bidet feature means you never have to buy toilet paper again.

Aquarium toilet tank

toilet aquariumPhoto: Aqua One

Scientists warn of a global water shortage and you’re allowing the drink in your toilet tank to sit empty?! What a waste. Here’s an idea: save the water you would use to fill your fishbowl, and instead, turn your toilet into an aquarium.

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