subway slow motion Photo: Adam Magyar/Vimeo

Anyone who’s been on New York City’s subway, or any high speed transit system for that matter, knows that looking out one of the side-facing windows can be a dizzying experience as all manner of pillars and people flash by.

With the same photo-finish cameras used in the Olympic Games, filmmaker Adam Magyar slows down that experience in his Stainless video series.

“The Stainless video project is located on the borderline of still photography and motion picture,” Magyar explains on his website. “We see people staring towards their destinations standing at the doors framed by the sliding door windows. They are scrutinizing the uncertain future.”

Thought-provoking. Check out the mesmerizing images for yourself below.

Magyar has a number of other projects that are just as hypnotic as Stainless. Check them out by visiting his website here.

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