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After a successful crowdfunding campaign, a vital component of the SeaOrbiter project has been paid for, which means the futuristic vessel is that much closer to becoming a reality.

Never heard of the SeaOrbiter? A little background…

In the conceptual stages for more than a decade, SeaOrbiter is a ocean research vessel that is designed to be permanently positioned in the sea to allow for continuous scientific exploration and observation.

The project is led by renowned French sea architect Jacques Rougerie, surrounded by the world’s leading ocean and space experts and gathering long time discussing support from, among others, American institutions such as NASA, NOAA, University of Hawaii, Scripps Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the Smithsonian Institution, and the National Group.

The latest crowdfunding campaign raised money for “The Eye of SeaOrbiter,” which will be home to the vessel’s lookout post and communication systems. The funding target of $438,904 was exceeded by more than $26,000, which means that 70 per cent of the total $47.3 million ($35 million euros) cost of the project is now covered.

“The Eye of SeaOrbiter represents one per cent of the total budget, but the symbolism associated with the construction of the Eye will hopefully allow the remaining 30 per cent to be funded,” the campaign website reads.

Get ready world, “the last frontier on the planet” is about to be discovered.

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