mirror house Photos: Johan Selbing Architecture

Appropriately called the Mirror House, this small villa’s reflective glass facade projects the outside world back onto itself, rendering the home virtually invisible.

It was designed and built by Amsterdam-based Johan Selbing Architecture and Anouk Vogel as part of an experimental housing competition in the Netherlands.

“The brief of the competition called for an individual house with a strong relation to its surroundings,” Johan Selbing Architecture explains on its website. “The twelve winning teams were given the possibility to realize their designs in an open area in the forest of Noorderplassen-West, but had to find the buyers of the houses themselves.”

For their client, Johan Selbing Architecture and Anouk Vogel designed the interior with long sightlines to “make the house appear larger from the inside, and anchor it to its surroundings.”

We love it, but birds of flight will surely come to hate it.

mirror house-1 mirror house-2 mirror house-3 mirror house-4 Built-in cabinets

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