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Averages will only take you so far. We looked into the Toronto Real Estate Board’s latest market report  and crunched the numbers to see which property types saw the most sales and the price ranges buyers were most likely to spend on each property type.

The cost of a home in the GTA in 2013 rose to $523,036. But the numbers tell a different story when you break down the January to December sales by property type. Here’s what we learned from looking into 2013’s 87,111 sales:

  • In the GTA, detached houses were still king: they accounted for 48.7 per cent of all sales in 2013 (Tweet this).
  • Buyers were most willing to spend within the $400,000 to $499,999 range, which made up 18.8 per cent of all detached sales (Tweet this).
  • Coming in a close second for detached sales was the $500,000 to $599,999 range at 17.9 per cent. Interestingly, the average price cited for a detached home in the region was as high as $660,905.
  • After detached homes, condos made up 22.8 per cent of all housing transactions in 2013 (Tweet this).
  • 46.3 per cent of condos sold in the GTA were priced at $299,999 or less.

Check out our pie charts and tables for more info:

Total homes sales in the GTA by property type, 2013

GTA home sales 2013

Sales by property type, 2013








Detached house sales by price, 2013

Detached House Prices Toronto

Detached house sales, 2013








Semi-detached sales by price, 2013

Semi-detached home sales Toronto

Semi-detached sales, 2013








Attached/Row house/Townhouse sales, 2013

Townhouse prices Toronto

Townhouse Sales Toronto








Condo-apartment sales by price, 2013

Condo Prices Toronto 2013

Condo Sales, 2013








Condo-townhouse sales by price, 2013

Condo Townhouse Prices 2013

Condo Townhouse Sales








The charts turn extremely low values into “Other.” For “Total homes sales in the GTA by property type, 2013,” Other includes the 0.1 per cent sales of both detached condos and co-op apartments. In the Attached and Condo Townhouse charts, that includes properties priced at $2 million or more, or 0.03% per cent of all sales.

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