sochi megaface pinscreen Photos: Asif Khan

Remember sticking your face into pin screens? Well British architect Asif Khan has taken that prickly pastime and blown it up to Mount Rushmore-sized proportions.

Taking up one side of the MegaFon pavilion at next month’s Olympic Games in Sochi will be Khan’s kinetic building facade, a lit, moving sculpture that will change shape and display physical portraits of Olympic visitors.

3D photo booths within the pavilion and across MegaFon retail stores in Russia will scan faces and then render the visages onto the pavilion.

The 520-square-foot facade is made up of over 10,000 actuators which will transform the building’s skin into the three-dimensional portraits. The video below shows a test of the actuator technology. During the Olympics, the actual wall will be 10 times larger than the one in the clip.

The MegaFon pavilion will be situated at the entrance to the Olympic Park and will display up to three faces at a time for about 20 seconds.

sochi megaface pinscreen-1 sochi megaface pinscreen-2 sochi megaface pinscreen-3

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