BC Assessment released its annual provincewide property assessment report on Friday. And while the data shows property values dropped an average of five per cent across the province, there were still some stunning figures at the top, highlighted by BC’s most expensive residential property…

3085 Point Grey Road, Vancouver – $54,206,000

This high-end home (seen above when it was still under construction) belongs to Lululemon founder Chip Wilson. The two-storey custom job took three years to build and boasts seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. According to BC Assessment, Vancouver property owners paid about $3.80 in property tax for every $1,000 in taxable value in 2013. This means that Wilson should expect to fork over about $205,982 in taxes this year.

But we won’t shed a tear for the yoga pant king. He can, after all, call on the Red Hot Chilli Peppers to cheer him up. Instead, let’s take a look at the four other residential properties that round out the top five most expensive homes in the province. Spoiler alert: they are all single-family dwellings in Vancouver. In fact, number two through four are all on the same Point Grey street.

2. 4707 Belmont Ave., Vancouver – $46,023,000

3. 4719 Belmont Ave., Vancouver – $28,624,000

4. 4743 Belmont Ave., Vancouver – $25,557,000

5. 5695 Newton Wynd, Vancouver – $25,295,000

To put all those tens of millions of dollars in geographical perspective, here are each of the top five most expensive properties on a Google map.

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