“Mariotography” is what designer Dave Delisle calls his series of metro maps reimagined as worlds from the classic 1980s video game Super Mario Brothers 3.

Delisle created poster-sized maps for eight North American transit systems, including those found in Canada’s four largest cities. Each map incorporates iconic Mario landmarks — such as toadstools and dungeons — that stand-in for typical commuter markers.

For example, the green plumbing pipes that Mario uses to travel between worlds represent commuter rails that connect each rapid transit line. In Toronto, they denote the Go Train.

toronto mario metro mapPhotos: Dave Delisle

Appropriately, Peach’s many castles represent terminus stations, as they are the end of the line for Mario in each world. Here’s Métro de Montréal.

montreal mario metro map

Vancouver’s SkyTrain map is even animated and includes the still-under-construction Evergreen Line.

vancouver mario metro map

For Calgary’s C-Train, Delisle put Mario himself on the poster, representing The Stampede City with a white cowboy hat.

calgary mario metro map

The Mariotography series also includes four American cities: Atlanta, San Francisco, Portland, and Washington, DC. All maps are available to purchase on Amazon.

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