Google has teamed up with LEGO and launched a virtual version of the iconic bricks that allows users to build structures on the Chrome browser.

Called “Build With Chrome,” the multi-colored creations are constructed on a virtual pad supported WebGL, a 3D graphics technology. The time-sucking web app is even supported on Google-approved mobile devices.

“…you can build your creations using a touchscreen on your phone or tablet with Chrome for Android support for WebGL on devices with high-end graphics capabilities,” Google explains on its blog.

Once you’ve squandered your entire work week recreating Dubai’s Burj Khalifa in impressive detail, you can publish your creation on this Google Map (screenshot below) and share it with the rest of the world.

Get ready for the most unproductive day of your life.

Google Lego-1

Want to build a scale version of your house on the actual Google Map coordinates? This handy app will tell you how many bricks you can expect to use.

But perhaps you’re a LEGO purist and only appreciate the bricks when you can feel them in your hands. In that case, you might enjoy learning about some of the more unconventional things you can build with LEGO.

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