From wearable technology to 3D printers, 2013 was a good year to be a techie. Focusing on advancements within the home, what were once far-fetched ideas (cue: DoorBot and robot lamps) are now sweeping through our living spaces as if they’ve always belonged.

As an ode to these high-tech breakthroughs, we’ve rounded up six game-changing gadgets that will alter the way you go about your daily life from this point forward. Some may call it lazy, but we call it convenient.

Self-cleaning dishes

tomorrow machine

Photo: Tomorrow Machine

While most of us are happy owning a dishwasher, it’s likely because we’ve never had the option not to do the dishes altogether. This innovative dishware, created by Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine, is made from the plant pulp cellulose and is finished with a superhydrophobic coating that’s slippery enough to reject dirt. The material causes food remnants to roll off the plate without so much as a wipe.

Orbit washing machine

orbit washing machine

Photo: Tuvie

While this spherical washing device is currently just a concept, it’s still worth getting excited about — designer Elie Ahovi aims to make the technology a reality by 2050. How does it work? The self-sufficient machine produces its own energy and doesn’t require a drop of soap or water. Instead, it uses CO2 to break down dirt particles, as the battery-operated ring generates a magnetic field that allows the sphere-shaped basket to levitate.

Remote-controlled mop

remote-controlled mop

Photo: Kyosho 

Turns out operating a remote control car and cleaning the floor can be one in the same. Well, maybe not exactly the same, but they both require equal effort. Meet the Sugoi Mop, a remote control device by Japanese company Kyosho Egg that takes doing household chores to a new level of laziness. Shudder at the thought of taking out the trash? The company has a solution for that too.

Memory coffee machine

memory coffee machine

Photo: Yanko Design

Ditch your standard single-serve brewer in favour of Memory, a coffee maker that uses hand print recognition to create your perfect cup of jo. No matter your preference (like say, a ristretto) the fancy machine will remember your blend of choice and brew accordingly.


ichef Photo: Gorenje Group

European home appliance manufacturer Gorenje Group is revolutionizing the way people prepare their food. The modern iChef+ lets users select a dish’s photo to oven-bake it to perfection. If you’d rather plug in the settings yourself, the innovative oven will store the info so you’ll always remember the exact baking time and temp. Time to get cooking!

Laser-guided pizza cutter

  laser pizza cutter

Photo: Think Geek

It’s been a long time coming, but the traditional pizza cutter has finally met its match. ThinkGeek’s clever laser-guided pizza cutter means every slice will be cut with the utmost precision. The laser above the cutter draws a line on the pie, which guarantees even slices every time. We just hope the device doesn’t frighten your guests.

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