Earlarm Photos: Reddot

Design graduate Kyungmi Moon of South Korea has created an earbud alarm clock that rouses only the wearer — not their live-in lover. But before you break open your Bitcoin bank account for an online purchase, know that the “Earlarm” device is only in the conceptual stages.

If put into production, the device would feature two noise-cancelling earplugs, which would have tiny speakers that are connected to a bedside alarm clock via Bluetooth. The alarm would be set with an accompanying smartphone app while the clock itself would double as a charging unit for the earplugs.

As The Daily Mail reports, Moon recently won a Reddot award for the design and hopes to move forward with production. However, there is currently no release date or estimated price.

Our only question is: how can the wearer be sure the device will stay in their ear as they toss and turn in their sleep? We shall see if/when production pushes forward…

For more images of the design, check out The Daily Mail article here.

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