Glory to the divine designers who so brilliantly transformed these holy chapels into comfortable homes…

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We don’t care if you have floor-to-ceiling windows, skylights and/or bay windows. This rose window has you beat.

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A collection of modern flats is what occupies this 200-year-old Anglican church in London. Thanks to Reddit user grant0, you can view the building’s exterior here.

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The modern furniture provides a nice juxtaposition to the centuries-old architecture, wouldn’t you agree?

converted church-8 converted church-7 Photos: Zecc Architecten

The cross might be too much for some, but those stain glass windows? Forget about it.

converted church-16 converted church-17 converted church-18 Photos: Willis Greenhalgh Architects

We give thanks to Willis Greenhalgh Architects for turning the 146-year-old Church of Palms in Brisbane, Australia into this angelic luxury loft.

converted church-5 Photos: travelet

Yeah, your nine-foot ceilings are pretty cool, we guess.

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See how much extra room you’ll have if you take out the church bells?

converted church-12 converted church-13 Photos: Light Locations

Let there be plenty of natural light!

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And arches! We love arches.

converted church-10 Photo: HomeDezen

When Gothic architecture meets industrial interior design.

converted church-11 Photo: me’nthedogs/Flickr

Whoever picked out the furniture for this home clearly wanted to stay true to the church’s mystical motif.

converted church-14 converted church-15 Photos: Baker Kavanagh Architectures

This heritage church in Sydney, Australia was converted into two luxury apartments centered around an internal courtyard, earning our eternal praise.

converted church-3 Photo: imgur

Look at those beams! Man, imagine the acoustics in that place.

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