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Of the five cities leading North America in high-rise construction, four of them are Canadian.

According to a new ranking compiled by Emporis, a building data firm that monitors development activity around the world, Toronto is North America’s leader in high-rise construction with 130 projects on the go (Tweet this). Number two is New York City with 91, followed by Montreal (25), Vancouver (23) and Calgary (22). Even the Vancouver suburb of Burnaby cracked the top 10 with 12 high-rise projects in the works.

high-rise construction north america

While 2012 saw over twice as many high-rises under construction in Toronto than in New York, the gap is now under a third.

“On the basis of current developments, we assume that New York will catch up with Toronto as early as 2015,” Emporis senior data analyst Matthew Keutenius said.

One aspect common to all cities, with the exception of Houston, is the majority of high-rises under construction are residential buildings. Emporis said that in Toronto, Burnaby and Markham the proportion is 92 per cent, and it is at least 65 per cent in the others.

“It is notable, too, that current residential high-rise construction in Canada comprises almost exclusively condominiums, while in the USA it includes a relatively large proportion of rental apartments,” Emporis said.

In compiling the ranking, both high-rises and skyscrapers were considered. Emporis defines a high-rise as a building at least 35 metres tall, while a building more than 40 storeys tall is considered a skyscraper.

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