Birdi smart smoke detector Photo: Birdi/Indiegogo

Birdi is an air monitoring device that detects fire and carbon monoxide leaks “before they are a threat.”

The smart smoke detector analyzes a variety of sensor data and then send users alerts about air quality through a smartphone app. In the event of an emergency, Birdi will also notify emergency services.

“We monitor the emissions, particles, and pollen that might be bothering you,” Birdi developers explain on their Indiegogo campaign page. “This is crucial for those of us with respiratory issues like asthma, but also for kids and the elderly who are majorly impacted by pollution, humidity and other air quality issues as they sleep and throughout the day.”

Unlike traditional smoke alarms, Birdi emits pleasing bird sounds when the batteries are running low. It will also automatically notify the company who will then have spares delivered to your door.

In order to push forward with full scale production, the developers are looking to raise $50,000 by January 24th. With 19 days to go in the Indiegogo campaign, Birdi has garnered more than $27,700 in funding.

Birdi is only the latest piece of technology to use sensors and smartphone technology to simplify home life. This past summer we covered Canary, a home security system that users can control and monitor from their phones.

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