Last weekend we offered you sanctuary with 13 churches turned into homes, and this week we’re continuing the conversion theme by looking at another popular repurposing project, this time of the barn-to-residential variety.

barn home barn home-2barn home-1Photos: Maxwan Architects

Maxwan Architects designed this contemporary loft shown from an old barn in the Netherlands. The floating stairs are definitely a step up from a rickety ladder leaning against a pile of hay bales.

converted stablePhoto: imgur

Amazingly, this luxury apartment in West London used to be a stable. Man, those horses must have been living large.

Image credit:Spacialimages.comImage credit:Spacialimages.comImage credit:Spacialimages.comImage credit:Spacialimages.comPhotos: Martin Gardner

From AR Design Studios, this stable was once the home of the 1946 Grand National horse race winner ‘Lovely Cottage.’ As you can see, it is now a lovely home.

dairy barn homePhoto: imgur

The milk-white walls and floors of this Roxbury, Connecticut home pay homage to its previous occupants: dairy cows.

barn conversion-2barn conversionbarn conversion-1barn conversion-3Photos: David Stewart

Yay or nay (as in horses) to this loft-style barn conversion from The Anderson Orr Partnership?

barn kitchenPhoto: imgur

Skylights are a nice touch.

barn conversion shed architecturebarn conversion shed architectsbarn conversion shed architecture-1Photos: SHED Architects

This warm and cozy conversion by SHED Architects makes use of all the original barn materials, including the large wooden doorways.

barn home conversionbarn home conversion-1barn home conversion-2Photos: Michael Ryan Architects

Those ceilings are so high we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the space was once a stable for giraffes (it wasn’t).

seattle barn homeseattle barn home-1Photos: Bainbridge Island Barn

From Seattle-based architect Don Frothingham, this open concept three-bedroom home on Washington’s Bainbridge Island was once a dairy barn.

Barn conversion-5Barn conversion-4barn conversion-7barn conversion-6Photos: Skene Catling de la Peña

Also a former home to milking cows, this five-bedroom unit by London-based Skene Catling De Le Peña now features layered oak and laminated float glass, which filters light in and out of the home.

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