emerald city art

The finished amenity space and elegant model suite at Emerald City 1 that we revealed last week are just a few of the impressive additions that will bring even more life to Elad Canada’s master-planned community.

Located at Sheppard Avenue East and Don Mills Road, the new development will stand out against the crowd thanks to artist Douglas Coupland’s colourful public art display called The Four Seasons.

As the name of the artwork suggests, the four rainbow-striped cones stand to represent each season. They’re meant to denote a sense of optimism and symbolize the natural joy that being outdoors brings to residents.

emerald city art

The set features a 60-foot-high fall cone that boasts autumn-inspired hues, along with three 48-feet spring, summer and winter cones that have been painted to represent each season. The cones form a straight line and lead into the Emerald City building.

The second element of the public art display is a group of seven cylinders that are much smaller in size than the cones. The particular colouring of the structures were inspired by the shades found inside a box of Laurentien pencil crayons. Remember those? The coloured sticks represent bright childhood memories similar to globs of Play Doh or that vibrant set of Lego pieces. As Coupland mentions, it’s about staying in tune with your creative side.

emerald city art

Capping off Coupland’s artistic works are six municipal art signs by Toronto-based designer Soheil Mosun Limited. The works feature colourful aluminum pipes that light up at night using low voltage LED lights.

Feeling colour happy? We suggest checking out Biyu, a 13-storey boutique condominium housed inside the master-planned community.

For more information call 416 492 0001 or visit the website.

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