Unconventional doesn’t mean unlivable. As proof, here are eight homes that are as cozy as they are bizarre.

Star Destroyer mansion, Russia

spaceship house spaceship house-1 Zaha Hadid star destroyer Zaha Hadid star destroyer-1 Zaha Hadid star destroyer-3 Photos: Zaha Hadid Architects

Renowned Zaha Hadid Architects designed this mansion for ex-supermodel Naomi Campbell on behalf of her boyfriend, Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin. Doronin, who made his fortune in real estate, is known as the Donald Trump of Russia. Located in a village near Moscow, the Capital Hill Residence boasts 28,524-square-feet of living space, including a 65-foot tower. As you can see, the home clearly took design cues from the Galactic Empire’s dreaded Star Destroyers. Among his other significant real estate purchases is a $16 million home on Miami’s Star Island that Doronin bought from Shaquille O’Neal in 2009.

World’s thinnest house, Poland

thinnest house thinnest house Photos: Centrala

At just 48 inches (122 centimeters) across at its widest point, Poland’s Keret House is the world’s thinnest home. As we reported last year, the architecture collective known as Centrala erected the house in a narrow Warsaw alley where it serves as temporary housing for artists.

Seashell house, Mexico

Nautilus House Nautilus House-1 Photos: Javier Senosiain

Designed by Javier Senosiain of Senosiain Arquitectos, the Nautilus House is supposedly at once earthquake-proof and maintenance-free. Builders used chicken wire reinforced with steel to create the home’s unique shape, and then covered the wire in two-inches of concrete for maximum structural integrity.

Stone House, Portugal

stone house Photo:  Jsome1/Flickr

From our surreal buildings series, the Stone House is a small cottage sandwiched between two boulders on the Portuguese countryside. Very sturdy.

Transparent house, Japan

transparent house transparent house-1 Photo: Forgemind ArchiMedia/Flickr

No home is more light-filled than Japan’s transparent House NA — basically just one giant solarium.

Solar house, France

Heliodome Photo: Heliodome

No, this isn’t a crash-landed UFO. Called Heliodome, the shape of this bio-climatic solar house in Eastern France is based on the sun’s daily and annual cycles. During the winter months, the home captures sunlight and warms the interior. In the summer, it provides shade and keeps the inside temperature cool. (Want more UFO-inspired homes? Right here.)

Dick Clark’s Flintstones house, California

dick clark flintstones house Photo: Diane Carter/Coldwell Baker

TV legend Dick Clark’s single-story house in Malibu looks as though it was designed by the same stone-age architect who imagined the Flintstones’ family home. Earlier this year, the one-bedroom, two-bathroom home on 23 acres of land was listed for $3.2 million. Yabba dabba doo? Meh.

Boeing 727 hotel suite, Costa Rica

Boeing 727 Home Photo:  JKleeman/Flickr

Hotel Costa Verde-1 Photos:  Costa Verde

Okay, so this last one isn’t really a house. In fact, it’s a standalone suite at Costa Rica’s Hotel Costa Verde. As you can see, it’s constructed around a refurbished Boeing 727 that sits atop a 50-foot pedestal overlooking the ocean and jungle. Weird, yes. But also one of the coolest repurposed structures we’ve ever seen.

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