In our tour of the Smart House model suite, we explored just about every nook and cranny of the micro mock-unit. Some of the appliances integrated into the units are such clever space-savers we can’t believe they aren’t available in condo suites all across town. From the 18-inch, pull out dishwasher to the washer that that doubles as dryer, it’s obvious that Urban Capital and Malibu Investments thought out all the little details in the micro-units.

Aside from the appliances that come with the suite, there are a other great gadgets that won’t take up valuable real estate in your condo. Here’s a look at some innovative tools to save on space if you’re considering calling the 25-storey building home.

No TV, no problem

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There are a number of projection devices on the market that let you watch movies or TV shows without having to hook up a television and DVD player. Gadgets like the Brookstone Pocket Projector Mobile hook right up to your smartphone and take up far less space then a conventional TV or laptop. Photo:

Speaker solution

iBam speake

If you want to turn up the volume on the tunes, but don’t want to take up valuable real estate with a full sound system, there a number of options to choose from. The iBam 2 Bamboo Speaker is both handsome and small while a number of portable speakers such as the Libratone Zipp and the Jambox are so compact you won’t even notice the discreet piece of audio equipment unless it’s on. Photo:

Mixer magic

hand blend

It might not have the same amount of power as a big food processor, but a hand-held or immersion blender can do a lot of the same work without taking up as much shelf space. Photo: alberth2/Flickr

Brewing good things


If you prefer your coffee strong, hot and fast, then it’s worth looking into the Piamo Espresso Maker. It makes espresso inside a microwave in just 30 seconds and is a fraction of the size of a regular coffee maker. The wee device is made up of a cup, water chamber, filter inlay and filter cap. Or try a moka pot, a stove-top coffee maker, that’s hardly larger than a mug. Photo:

Page-sized printer 


Going paperless is among the best ways to clamp down on clutter, but sometimes you really need that physical copy. At 12.7 inches in length and 2.4 inches in height, Canon’s PIXMA iP100 is one of the smallest printers around. More and more space-saving printers are coming on the market including the HP Deskjet 460CB wireless mobile printer. Photo:

Smart House will be the first-ever micro condo in Toronto. Located at Queen and University, the super central location will be hard to beat, with subway, streetcars and shopping right outside the door.

Units start from $249,900.

For more information contact or 416 292 5818.

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