Munich building Photos: Víctor Enrich

Barcelona-born visual artist Víctor Enrich has a warped mind — at least when it comes to architecture.

For the latest addition to his NHDK project, Enrich took the same photograph of a rather plain-looking building in Munich and reconfigured it in 88 surprising ways (scroll down for a full video slide).

victor enrich victor enrich-1 victor enrich-2 victor enrich-4 victor enrich-3 victor enrich-5

Enrich began his career doing 3D renderings for architects, engineers and real estate companies. But after the 2008 global financial crisis took a toll on the industry, he decided to use his savings and focus on his own artistic pursuits.

As Enrich told Departures Magazine in 2012, his method is a precise and time-consuming endeavor:

Basically, I take a picture of a building and then I build a replica 3D model of it. This can be quite time-consuming; on average a picture usually takes around a month. When I have the 3D model, then I manipulate the image — that’s when reality is in my hands. I don’t always know what the image will become when I take the original picture. Sometimes it works, out, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m not looking for one specific thing — I have flashes in my mind. Usually the picture develops as I am working on it.

For more of Enrich’s contorted craft, check out his website here.

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