Ringing an electric doorbell may soon become a thing of the past. What is to stand in its place? A sleek and Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell known as DoorBot.

Santa Monica-based inventors designed the snazzy device so homeowners can communicate with visitors by glancing at their smartphone, even when they’re not home. Think of it as a more high-tech and interactive security camera.

The new-and-improved system can operate wirelessly or be powered through an existing doorbell. Thanks to its Wi-Fi connection, users can then live video chat with visitors through their smartphone. The device can also withstand all weather conditions — from extreme heat to snow flurries.

With the rapid pace of technology, the DoorBot is a refreshing and ultra-secure alternative to its somewhat antiquated counterpart. Not only does the gadget have night vision, but it can connect to Lockitron, a device that provides keyless entry via smartphones.


Need someone to drop off a package when you’re not home? Buzz them in remotely and then watch them leave, all with the swipe of a finger.

The device, which is now being sold in more than 60 countries, launched in December 2012 on crowdfunding site Christie Street. It aims to sell $7 million in products by the end of this year.

“Homeowners don’t want to spend a fortune on a comprehensive system, and now they don’t need to,” Jamie Siminoff, the company’s chief investor said to Fast Company.

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