During his annual break and enter spree, Jolly Old St. Nick prefers to access a home via the chimney whenever he can. And seeing as it is nearly Christmas, we thought it apropos to look at fireplaces that are so warm and welcoming, even an aficionado like Santa would be impressed.

Hot tub timeout machine

hot tub fireplacePhoto: TwinFarms

One cannot travel 316,899,308 miles around the globe hauling 2.7 billion pounds of presents without getting a little tired. And no amount of Christmas cookies or room temperature milk will be enough to keep Santa’s energy level up for the one night a year he actually works. The man is going to need a break. And where better place to rest than a hot tub right in front of the nearest exit?

Back porch lounge

fire placePhoto: imgur

Santa is used to the cold, so spending time on this patio living room during the dead of winter will be no trouble. His reindeer, on the other hand, may take offense to the hanging antlers.

Modernist ski chalet

best fireplacePhoto: imgur

If your living room is this sexy, forget cookies and milk. Leave out a bottle of wine and a charcuterie plate for Kris Kringle.

Chic and sleek

fireplace santaPhoto: imgur

Santa will appreciate how fast he can climb up and down this pneumatic tube-like chimney.

The library

library fireplacePhoto: imgur

Santa is, of course, a worldly man. So there’s no doubt he will be impressed by an extensive home library.

Open concept

open fireplacePhoto: MomDot

With a 360-degree opening, the big man will have no problem climbing out of this chimney and getting down to brass tacks.

Oh no! The rancor!

rancor fireplacePhoto: Tauntr

So this is obviously Luke Skywalker’s living room. And no, it doesn’t look too cozy. Closer to frightening. That said, Santa possess special powers just as Jedi do, so this shouldn’t bother him too much. And since the rancor belong to Jabba the Hutt, it was probably on the naughty list anyway.

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