Do you spend your days watching cat videos on the internet? Does your dog’s house cost more than your own? Then you’re clearly obsessed with animals. But there’s no reason to hide your mammalian mania, tell the world with your bizarre collection of kitchen gadgets.

Manatee tea infuser

manatea-tea-infusermanatea-tea-infuser-1Photo: PerpetualKid

Nothing complements a warm cup of tea better than a bathing sea cow.

Hedgehog measuring cups

measuring cup hedgehogsPhotos: anthropologie

They look as cute as they do fragile.

Hedgehog cheese grater

cheese graterPhoto: Amazon

If you’re going to go with the measuring cups you might as well complete your hedgehog cook set with this translucent orange cheese grater.

Monkey peeler

monkey peelerPhoto: Amazon

Sure, a monkey can peel a banana like a pro. But a potato? That’s just ridiculous.


cat-ulaPhoto: ModCloth

Cat lover? You’re totally going to flip out for this cat face spatula. It’s purrr-fect.

Bear pepper grinder

Peppa Bear Seasoning GrinderPhoto: Kikkerland

The “Peppa Bear Seasoning Grinder” is the closest thing you’ll find to kitchen-safe bear mace.

Animal egg moulds

animal egg moldPhoto: Amazon

Because eggs aren’t weird enough already.

Fish soy sauce containers

fish soy saucePhoto: PhotoBucket

Wouldn’t it make more sense to squirt a dark liquid out of the bottom of a plastic octopus? You know, as if the soy sauce was the cephalopod’s ink? This fish business just seems a bit silly.

Shark oven mitt

shark oven mittPhoto: Amazon

Amuse your friends while serving up a batch of fresh baked cookies with this adorably terrifying novelty glove.

Tou-can opener

toucancanopenerPhoto: letablierblanc

Another gadget created solely for the purpose of executing a fairly easy pun.

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