Underwater hotel-4 Photos: Manta Resort

Find out what that singing crab from the Little Mermaid was talking about when he spoke of the wonders of marine living.

A new underwater hotel room just opened up off the coast of Zanzibar. The sub-aquatic suite is part of the Manta Resort on Pemba Island. The three-storey floating structure is accessible by boat, and at its lowest level, is 13 feet beneath the water.

Guests use a staircase to descend to the underwater bedroom, where surrounding windows offer a 360-degree ocean view.

Worried about sharks and other seafaring killers? According to the resort’s website, reef fish, which have taken up residence around the room, afford guests “some protection from predation.”

At night, underwater spotlights beneath each widow attract squids and other light-enthused creatures.

A 10-night stay in the underwater room will set you and your partner back about $6,715.

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