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How can you host an eight-person dinner party in a one-bedroom home? The answer: BosaSPACE.

On Wednesday Bosa Properties unveiled the world’s first fully transformable homes in a large-scale condo development.

BosaSPACE will be a part of the University District project in Surrey City Centre. Bosa‘s design team spent a year and a half working on the dynamic concept that allows residents to live large for a fraction of the cost.

Priced from just $199,900, the BosaSPACE homes at University District feature space-saving designs such as a kitchen storage island that can easily be converted into an eight-person dining table — so go ahead and plan that epic dinner party!

Not to be outdone by its cookery counterpart, the TV and entertainment area can be transformed into a home office or extra space for an overnight guest — a handy feature in the event one of your dinner companions has a little too much wine.

And if you want to really put on your entertainer hat and host more than just a party of eight, the bedrooms in each BosaSPACE can be reorganized into a second living room.

“Often, the true livability of an affordably-priced condo suffers as spaces get smaller and smaller,” says Vancouver housing analyst Michael Ferreira of Urban Analytics. “BosaSPACE is the first real solution we’ve seen and I expect that it will change the way planners, architects, designers and developers approach condominium design from here on. It’s ground-breaking.”

Basically, BosaSPACE at University District is like many homes for the price of one — one that’s very affordable to boot! See BosaSPACE in all it’s transforming glory in the video below (more photos can be seen here).

Of course, dynamic homes like these need an equally dynamic neighbourhood to call home — that’s why the University District tower will be built in the heart of Surrey’s exciting new City Centre,  just steps to Central City’s Simon Fraser University campus, Surrey’s new City Hall and Public Library, as well as Skytrain.

But alas, images and video can only convey so much. That’s why we encourage you to head down to the newly opened University District presentation centre at University Drive and 104 Avenue in Surrey and experience BosaSPACE for yourself.

For more information call 604 588 5795 or visit their website here.

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