You don’t have to be Bruce Wayne or one of those brats from The Chronicles of Narnia to enjoy the surprises and wonderment of a hidden room. You only need to hire the right designer. Here now, seven secret rooms that are sure to make you king of Hide-and-Seek.

Concealed reading nook

hidden reading nookPhoto: Paul Dyer

If you’re small enough and don’t suffer from claustrophobia, this carpeted reading nook is the perfect place to get lost in a book.

Wardrobe to Narnia

narnia roomPhoto: Imgur

Like we noted at the top, there’s no way your wardrobe leads to a fantasy land of mythical beasts and talking animals. But with some hidden square footage and a closet you don’t mind desecrating, you can build your own Narnia.

Weapons room

Weapons roomWeapons room-2Photo: Creative Home Engineering

This hidden gun vault is a bit more sinister than the first two secret rooms, and reminds us of the weapons cache bed frame we covered in our roundup of the seven strangest beds.

Private parlor

games parlourPhoto: Creative Home Engineering

This rock wall swings open to reveal a hidden room large enough to host a bar and pool table. Perfect anyone looking to model their home after a clandestine 1920’s speakeasy.

Spare den

spare den-1spare den-2Photo: Creative Home Engineering

When you’re hosting an awkward dinner party and can no longer stand the tedium of small talk, these cupboards provide an escape to a secluded den.

Hidden wine cellar

hidden wine cellarPhoto: Creative Home Engineering

If there are any teenagers in your home, it’s probably a good plan to keep your most precious booze out of site.

Retractable stairs

retractable stairs hidden roomPhoto: Creative Home Engineering

The most cleverly concealed room in our roundup hides beneath a set of retractable stairs. And like the three examples that precede it, the space was designed by Creative Home Engineering, a company who specializes in custom construction.

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