Robot tractors rooftop garden One of the pavilions at World Expo Milano 2015 will feature a 17,000-square-foot green roof that will be farmed by two “zero-emission, robotized, self-driving tractors.”

Carlo Ratti Associati, the Italian architectural firm behind the project, describe it as a form of 3D printing. They call it “earth screening.”

“…the idea of earth screening is not just about self-driving tractors, which can draw patterns on the roof of the building. It is about how we can sense and respond to the conditions of the soil to a degree that was impossible before,” the project website reads.

“In the same way as self-driving cars are expected to revolutionize urban mobility, advanced robotic technologies are reshaping agriculture, with a new wave of innovations helping us to better respond to local terrain conditions.”

The goal is that the energy for the pavilion — including that for the self-driving tractors on the roof — will be generated on site.

The building is being sponsored by agricultural machinery company New Holland, who, once World Expo Milano wraps up, will reconstruct the project on a new site to educate people on sustainable farming.

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