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Madrid-based architectural student Manuel Dominguez has come up with a design for a moving city that would theoretically work if someone had the impetus to build it.

“Dominguez felt it was important that his design be feasible,” Architizer reports, “which is why he looked to the world of heavy engineering to inspire the structure’s colossal steel frame and caterpillar tracks.”

The nomadic metropolis, simply known as the “Very Large Structure,” takes British architect Ron Herron’s “Walking City” concept from the 1960s and adds eco-friendly functionality.

“Its mobility is proposed as a way to encourage reforestation of the static cities which it replaces, and part of its day-to-day function is the management of this environment,” Architizer goes on to explain.

The city would travel from place to place in search of resources, which would in turn provide its inhabitants with work — a symbiotic relationship between man, machine and the environment.

A practical design for a dystopian future? We shall see.

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