Diminish and Ascend Photo: William Patino

Despite appearances, this staircase is not infinite. Rather, it’s an optical illusion created by artist David McCracken for the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibit in Bondi, Australia.

Called Diminish and Ascend, each aluminum step is smaller than the one preceding it, giving the tapered stairway its perpetual effect.

Impressive enough to belong on a list of the most spectacular staircases that everyone should climb? Sure, why not.

infinite staircase Photo: mattyp_/Flickr

diminish and ascend-1 Photo: Leighton Wallis/Flickr

See more photos of Diminish and Ascend here. Or if you’re looking for similarly surreal public art projects, you might enjoy this derelict house in London that appears to be melting into the street.

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