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The housing boom in the city has caused homebuilders to look for just about any scrap of land to develop. With the Official Plan up for review, many are asking that parts of the city that have been zoned for employment — everything from office space to industrial work and light manufacturing — make the switch to other designations.

Today City Hall will be looking into some 116 conversion request in Toronto’s Employment Lands and we thought we’d dig through the planning department’s recommendations to see who’s asking to rebuild and rezone what.

Here are some of the interesting facts, odd requests and recognizable names we found, plus a map (below) to put it all in context:

  • Of the 116 applications, 92 explicitly requested residential building in the Employment Lands, though two were for temporary living quarters (Tweet this).
  • One of those temporary living quarters was for the band Billy Talent, who want to add a temporary residence above their recording studio on Logan Avenue in the East End.
  • Woodbine Entertainment Group is asking that the southeast portion of 555 Rexdale Boulevard (that would be the Woodbine Racetrack) to be converted to Mixed Use Areas to allow for residential uses. Right now, that part of the 48 hectare property contains the Woodbine practice race track, stables and jockey dormitories.
  • Senior’s housing is kind of hot: there were four requests involving retirement communities and housing geared at seniors.
  • For King West residents who complain about the smells drifting from Quality Meat Packers at 2 Tecumseth, consider this: after receiving a request to convert the area from Employment Lands to a Mixed Use or Regeneration Area designation, the Planning Department suggested changing it to a Regeneration Area. However, the neighbourhood’s Garrison Common North Secondary Plan has to be amended to allow the business to keep operating until “the current meat processing operations cease.”

Play around with our map to get the scoop about sites that could see redevelopment or get shut down by the city:

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