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Every landmark and iconic street in every major world city has been photographed millions of times, but it’s incredibly refreshing to see an artist put a twist on traditional urban photography.

French architect and photographer Laurent Dequick creates unique vibration images that capture the frenetic nature of some of the world’s biggest, busiest and most widely-photographed cities.

While you might not find any of his photography exhibitions coming to your local art gallery, you can check out his various photo collections online here. We pulled out a few of our favorites from his New York, London and Paris collections below. Enjoy!

new york from the top 2

Photo: Laurent Dequick

paris laurent dequick

Photo: Laurent Dequick

paris 2 laurent dequick

Photo: Laurent Dequick

london 2

Photo: Laurent Dequick

london 1

Photo: Laurent Dequick

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