If you’ve walked through Union Station in the last two years, it’s hard to ignore the construction chaos. The most trafficked multimodal transit hub in Canada is undergoing a massive makeover.

Apart from a complete overhaul of the concourse space, the historic station will also get a new train shed with a glass atrium, a new subway platform, and a hookup to a new express line to Pearson Airport. It all makes for a lot of work and some phenomenal photos.

Check out our favourite Instagram pictures of the work-in-progress:

union station construction toronto

Photo: tymas_/Instagram

Metrolinx Union Station

Photo: Metrolinx/Instagram

Union Station Toronto

Photo: sergeyszest/Instagram

Toronoto Union Station construction

Photo: mshanahan905/Instagram

Union Station construction

Photo: p_zerek/Instagram

Union Station crowd Toronto

Photo: hatecopy/Instagram

GO train Union Station construction

Photo: Metrolinx/Instagram

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