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When it comes to which global city has the best brand, London may have a lock on the top spot, but Toronto is rising in the ranks. The bi-annual Anholt-GfK City Brands Index (CBISM), which measures the power and appeal of each city’s brand image, recently put the British capital at number one, followed by Sydney and Paris.

Toronto, which came in at 13 in the last evaluation, moved into the top 10 and now sits at 8. The index, which measures 50 cities around the world looks at six key areas: Presence (the city’s international status and standing), Place (its physical aspect), Pre-requisites (basic requirements, such as affordable accommodation and the standard of public amenities), People, Pulse (interesting things to do) and Potential (the economic and educational opportunities).

Need proof that the citizens of Canada’s largest city aren’t cold, workaholics? Toronto was only second to Sydney for the “Friendly People” measure in the People dimension of the Index. The city came in at number 4 for “Feeling Safe” and tied Melbourne for fifth place for “Fit in With Culture.”

One of the cities to see a big drop in reputation was Paris. Though the City of Light came in third for overall brand and earned first place for the Pulse measure, Paris earned a 13th and 14th place for People and Pre-requisites.

See the charts below for more details…

Top cities by brand City branding index People

Photo: Benson Kua/Flickr

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