Hanging a room over a larger one is a great way to save space. A dangling room on its own is just plain cool.  Here now, the seven best suspended rooms you will ever see.

Suspended hotel room

Nation Tower hotel suspended room Bridging two towers of the Nation Tower in Abu Dhabi, the St. Regis Hotel suite is, according to Huffington Post, the world’s highest suspended room at 656 feet (200 meters) above the ground. The 11,600-square-foot, three-bedroom luxury unit has its own spa, movie theatre, gym and private elevator. No word on nightly rates, but if we had to guess, we’d say it’s expensive. Photo: StarWoodHotels

Suspended conference room

Suspended meeting room This conference in a mortgage bank in Copenhagen hangs 50 feet above the ground. The dizzying views offered by the glass walls promise to keep employees alert during tedious meetings. Photo: imgur

Hanging bedroom

suspended rooms 2 This is a pretty simple concept. Create more living space in your home by having your bed dangle from the highest ceiling. Photo: imgur

Floating loft

Suspended rooms 1 Same as above, except this loft-like design offers an open view of the room below. Photo: jjlocations

Free Spirit Spheres

free spirit sphere free spirit sphere-1 Suspended above the rainforest floor on Vancouver Island, the Free Spirit Spheres offer guests a taste of what life would be like in an Ewok Village. Nightly rates in the arboreal hotel rooms range from $145 to $235. Photos: FreeSpiritSpheres

Cocoon Tree

Cocoon Tree Bed cocoon tree suspended room-1 Staying with the treehouse trend, the aptly named Cocoon Tree dangles between branches thanks to a system of suspension wires. Weighing only 130 pounds, the aluminium structure can hold up to one ton. Photos: CocoonTree

Between two houses

suspended room 3 suspended room 4 suspended room 5 suspended room 6 According to ArchDaily, this suspended cabin in Paris was created so the owner could take advantage of the sheltered space below and have a place to park his car. Photos: Remy Castan

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